FreeJava 3.0

Software to enable java applications for a variety of devices

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    5.8 (100)

Freejava is an environment for developing Java applications.

When you are looking to work with Java, Freejava is a program that you will want to have on your computer.

If you are looking for an environment to work with Java applications, you can develop them within this program. It is a relatively simple program to use, though it will work better if you have previous experience with Java. If you are a newbie user, you may find the program difficult. There are help files, but you will want previous experience prior to working within the confines of this application.

One of the primary benefits to Freejava is that there is no configuration required. If you are looking for another benefit, it integrates into the Web browser that you use. This makes it easier to install Java and work within the environment. Additionally, you have easy installation as well as automatic updates.

This is a small download, so you will not need a lot of hard drive space. There are minimal system requirements for you to focus on to gain the effectiveness of this program. As soon as you download, you can begin using the development environment for all of your Java applications. This allows you to create and modify existing applications so that you can improve upon them.

The interface is relatively simple. It looks just like any other Windows folder, allowing you to quickly figure out what you need to do. All of the icons are similar, allowing you to save, cut, print, and utilize the clipboard throughout your processes. There are three basic Windows within the interface, allowing you to see a tree branch view of what is going on, work with the actual JavaScript, and test.

The testing will tell you about any errors occurring so that you know what is going on prior to launching a Java application for use outside of your own computer.

Freejava is easy to use as long as you have experience with Java programming. If you are new to the world of programming, the simple interface may be overwhelming. There are many things going on within the interface and does not walk you through the basic steps. If you know what you are doing, you will not need a wizard of any type. However, if you are looking for a program with some extra assistance, you will want to look elsewhere.

Overall, Freejava has worked effectively as a Java development environment. There have been no bugs reported and thousands of users have downloaded the program every month because of the tools and features that it does allow. It will allow you to create new projects, build projects from scratch and view projects that you have already created all within the same program.

  • Works with all versions of Windows
  • Easy installation


  • Requires previous knowledge
  • Help file is limited

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